What to pack for your upcoming camping trip

Got your next adventure lined up and you’re ready to go? Good!
Now all you need to do is pack the right stuff before you go on this adventure.

Many tend to underestimate the importance of carefully packing their backpack before going camping. This is essential for having a fun experience into the wild. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a forest and realizing you forgot your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

The first thing you need to assess is the duration of your trip into the outdoors. Why? Because the length of your trip, in both time and distance, will have a direct impact on the number of items you will need to have with you. The obvious rule is that longer trips will require you to have more items.

winter morning at the lake

Once you have decided the duration and distance of your trip the next step is to choose your most valuable companion, your backpack. Your pack should be the correct size for the trip. For a short day hike, you won’t need a lot of things. A 20-liter pack is perfect for this short adventure. If your plan is to have some meals and cook outdoors you will need something a little bigger, such as a 30-liter bag. For an overnight trip you will need a bigger bag to fit all of your gear. In this case I would suggest a 40-liter backpack. No matter the duration of your trip, you should always travel as lightly as possible. Unnecessary extra weight can be a burden.

My trusty partner in crime

If you decide to go on a multiple day adventure your next task will be to pick your shelter. I prefer going camping with my beloved tarp, but you might want to choose a shelter you will feel comfortable in. It’s very important for you to check the weather forecast so that you can bring the most appropriate tent or tarp with you. If you feel brave enough to try tarp camping I would suggest experimenting somewhere close to home for the first time. The experience can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Basic tarp setup

The next item on the list is your sleeping gear. You will need a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. If you didn’t follow my advice of checking for weather conditions in the previous section, now it’s time to do so! Make sure that your sleeping arrangements are warm enough for the weather. It is highly dangerous to go camping in cold temperatures with an insufficiently warm sleeping bag. In the worse case scenario you can freeze to death or get very sick, but you will certainly have a very bad night filled with shivers and anger. I once went camping in the snow and my sleeping system wasn’t nearly warm enough. I can tell you I did not enjoy the experience as I was shivering and shaking from the cold in my sleeping bag.

When you go for a hike it’s essential that you stay well hydrated and that you eat often. This is true no matter of the duration of your hike. Bring plenty of water and make sure you have a way to filter water. This seems like basic stuff, but mane people go on hikes without bringing sufficient amounts of water (I actually did this myself once). If you are planning on cooking something make sure that you can start a fire and bring a little stove to fit your cooking pots and utensils.

nothing beats grilled sausages after a long hike

You will also need to think about bringing a knife. You will mostly use it to open food packages. Sorry to tell you that you won’t need the super cool Rambo style machete you’ve been laying your eyes on for some time. If you’re planning on going for a multiple day trip you might want to bring a multipurpose knife; one that can be useful for battoning, sharpening sticks, create forks out of sticks and so on.

I’m not going anywhere without this guy

If you are going on a hike in rough weather make sure to bring spare clothing. At the very least bring an extra pair of socks. Your feet will thank you for life! Hiking and sleeping in wet clothing is once again a very dangerous thing to do. You can feel extremely cold, this can potentially cause hypothermia. I suggest you to dress in layers so that you can add or remove a lawyer accordingly.

wool socks are the best

Now you should know exactly what items are vital for your next trip into the great outdoors. While you assemble your gear try and stay as light as possible.

If you miss any items from this list feel free to check out our shop to complete your backpack before your next adventure.

Have a great trip into the wild

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