Since our last hike we’ve been thinking about the things Varanghian Wear could do to preserve the nature we all love so much.

The region where Varanghian Wear originated in Belgium has a lot of diverse nature and a few protected areas where there is unique wildlife. Sadly enough there’s an imminent danger for this habitat to disappear in order for houses to be built.

This is why our team came up with the great idea to help Natuurpunt, a Belgian institution that helps preserve Belgian nature. We have decided that we will donate 10% of our net profits to this association as our contribution to nature.

This way we help ensure that the beautiful landscape will be protected so that the animals can continue to nest in it and that people can continue their adventures in the area for years, decades and perhaps centuries to come.

With Varanghian Wear, not even the Gods can stop you!



Discover your home

Last weekend we wanted to go for a hike but didn’t have much time. So we decided to explore the countryside just outside of our city (Turnhout). We got a good 10 km in and got these great views of the regional nature.

Passing through frosted fields

The path took us through different fields and forests. After a few kilometers we unexpectedly fell upon an old lake called “Zwart Water” which translates into “The Black Water”. When my grandmother was around 16 years old (sometime around the second world war), this lake used to freeze over at the end of November. When this happened she, her family and her friends would all walk there and back from the city and go ice skating all day. There weren’t many cars back then and they certainly didn’t use them for pleasure trips. As you can see on the picture below the lake is not yet frozen, I guess we can thank global warming for that.

I just want to remind you that you don’t have to go far to find a decent or a beautiful hike. Sometimes the best walks are just outside your door.

The Black Water really is black

Our favorite tarp setups

The first setup we love is the A-frame setup. It’s fast and it’s efficient. This standard way of pitching your tarp and will give you basic protection from the elements. If you set up you tarp in this way you will be protected from light to medium rainfall. Depending on if you let the sides go to the ground or if you keep them high. I usually keep the edges high so I can enjoy the view better.


This setup is another favorite because it can be pitched even if there are no trees available. All you need is a (walking) stick of the correct length and you’re basically half way through. This setup will protect you more from the weather as it is closed on three sides.


There are millions of more ways to pitch a tarp, which one is your favorite?

Not even the Gods can stop you